Military / Aerospace Industry

Whether you’re designing product for military research, or a complex Aerospace equipment, Flextron Circuit Assembly delivers high performance PCB assemblies built to IPC-A-610 guidelines,  ITAR and RoHS compliance. We have successful track record for building complex PCB assemblies sustaining in harsh environmental conditions.

Medical / Hospital Industry

Medical equipment approvals and field trials may take a long time, but that doesn’t mean your prototype work can. We’re here to help you get through the prototype phase as efficiently as possible. Whether that requires quick turn time on simpler PCB designs, or high-end manufacturing technologies, and critical parts, Flextron can help.

Lighting Industry

LED lighting & Alternate energy is a big growth area for economy and of the PCB industry. Our expertise in MCPCB and reliable manufacturing process has resulted long lasting and long warranted LED PCB assemblies. LED lighting customers, for years, have benefited our expertise and guidance to design cost effective solutions.

Industrial / Commercial Equipment

Control modules, remote sensors, interface cards, all just a part of our daily production work for our customers working in Industrial & Instrumentation. We can talk IPC-A-610, firmware programming, RF-related designs, and testing for designs that require these features. Industrial Controls and Automation has played significant role in our success and enhanced our capabilities with innovative processes.

Utility & Telecommunication Industry

Telecommunication and Networking sector has significant growth thanks to technology innovations. Our high-end PCB assembly services have helped us earn the patronage of many customers in the telecom industry. By working closely with the customers, we ensure that they receive the best Telecommunications PCB assembly solution in a quick turnaround.

Wireless and IoT Industry

The new product design having capabilities of Wireless IoT is a norm now. It has not only created new categories in the electronic device industry but has also provided a platform to for innovation. It has provided innovators with new ideas to rethink the way the consumer can interact with the technology. Inventors and entrepreneurs has allowed Flextron building new products with those capabilities.