1) PROTOTYPE ORDERS (5-30 PCS) FOR ALL CUSTOMERS:Flextron Circuit Assembly will charge a Valid Major Credit Card (VISA, MASTER or AMEX) to process the order. Shipping Address must match the Credit Card order. Upon request, a copy of the credit card front, back and ID of owner must be faxed at (630)766-1006.

2) FIRST TIME CUSTOMERS: Money Orders, Credit Cards, C.O.D or Credit terms (Credit References will be needed and will be verified, if approved by FCA)

Shipping Origin Location is F.O.B. Flextron Circuit Assembly, Elk Grove Village, IL 60007 USA. A Packaging Charge will be billed for all orders which require specialty or individual packaging. All applicable shipping charges will the responsibility of the customer on all shipments. Any agreed disputed shipping charges billed will be reimbursed in form of Credit to Customer Account or Credit Card Refund by FCA.

4) CREDIT ACCOUNT CUSTOMERS AND PRODUCTION RUNS: Credit terms (Credit References will be needed and will be verified, if approved by FCA).


Components - 5 extra minimum (or 5%, whichever is more) for discrete parts. We can place parts on cut tape of any length so there is no need to buy reels. For ICs, QFPs and BGAs we ask for 1 extra per order. Any/all unused components will be returned with the shipment.

PCBs – Please have a silkscreen which indicates polarity and 1st-pin markings. Images within an array will be considered as each separate board.

ECN: Engineering Change Note (ECN) from the Customer is required to alter part/process in manufacturing process. With ECN, alternate/replacement/equivalent parts will be used to meet delivery schedule.

Manufacturing Process: A standard Lead-Based manufacturing process will be used except otherwise stated.

Business Day: Orders received after 2PM will be considered received following day.
Customer Responsibilities: Customer will be responsible for all Work-In-Process, material on hand and/or on order, in event of a cancellation, schedule extension or design change.

Turn Around Time: Will start / ARO / Receipt of all parts, whichever is later.

6) RoHS COMPLIANCE DECLARATION: For the products manufactured using Lead-Free Assembly, Each shipment will contain statement of RoHS Compliance.

7) LIABILITY DECLARATION: FCA only obligation for defective assemblies within 30 days of invoicing will be for correcting any assembly-related problems ñ with repair or rework. Customer must supply all rework-related parts. FCA gives no warranty; either expressed or implied, and specifically disclaims all other warranties, including warranties for merchantability and fitness. In no event FCA's liability shall exceed the cost of the damaged product. FCA reserves right to cancel any quote for any valid reason.


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